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BinFresh specialise in the cleaning of domestic wheelie bins.


From day one, our goal has been to take something as simple as bin cleaning and make it as professional as possible. We have achieved this by a continued focus on our commitment to quality, the environment, as well as a respect for local and national regulations.

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We’re out cleaning 9am-8.30pm during the lighter summer months and 9am-6pm during the winter.
Our booking lines are open between 9.30am and 5.30pm mon-fri
(Feel free to book with us outside of these hours and we will respond the next working day.
Or if we are available to assist out of hours, we will complete your booking there and then.

We cover Coventry, Bedworth and Nuneaton.

If you would like to check your Postcode, please scroll up to the Postcode Checker.

1) A one-off clean is £5 per bin
2) Alternatively, book your bins in to be cleaned monthly (4weekly) and we’ll do it at
half price for just £3.50 per bin fixed price and keep your bins fresh and pest free.
3) We also provide an empty and clean service for £20 so if the council won’t empty
your bin due to having the wrong waste in it we get it emptied and clean for you in
one visit.
4) In a rush to get it cleaned! We have 10 slots a day available for same day bookings of
urgent cleans for those stinky/maggot filled nightmares! We take same day bookings
between 10am and 1pm daily. Book in early for just £10 a bin and we’ll make your
bin dreamy by close of business that day.

We clean the bins on your normal council collection day. All you need to remember to do is
put them out to be emptied and leave them out after they are emptied so we can clean
them. Please bare in mind we clean 150+ bins a day so our arrival time will vary. Please
don’t pull the bin back in because you think we are not coming. We work up until 8.30pm in
the summer and 6pm in the winter. If the bin is put away early or missed (ie after 8.30pm or
6pm in the winter) please let us know then leave the bin out the following morning and
we’ll nip round and get it done.

We clean all wheelie bins regardless of colour and usage. We also clean commercial or over
sized bins (prices available on request)

Booking in is so simple! All we need is a little info:
1) Full address
(If your bins are located other than outside your address for collection please let us know where they
will be)
2) Postcode
3) Which bins you want cleaning and how many of each colour bin.
4) Day of the week they are emptied
5) Is it a one off clean or monthly clean you are looking to book in etc.
And we’ll do the rest.
(Please provide this information in your first message if you are contacting us via text,
Facebook or our website to ensure we can deal with your booking efficiently)

For example: If you book in your general waste, recycling and garden waste bin and your
collect day is Wednesday:
(Presuming your general waste bin is emptied this Wednesday)
We’d book your general waste bin in this Wednesday and the recycling and garden waste bins in the
flowing Wednesday (if booked monthly we will then repeat the process every 4 weeks)

We accept all major credit cards, apple pay, Samsung pay, the majority of android pay
facilities, pay pal and bank transfer.
We request that you pay for the one off cleans and the first month of a monthly booking up
front please (excluding over 65’and\or disabled/vulnerable adults who we are happy to
collect cash or alternate payment from on completion)
When booking monthly please setup a 4 weekly auto payment where possible to save us
chasing you for payment and bothering you in your free time.

Put simply- NO. if we haven’t cleaned it there’s no charge. We will simply roll your bin clean
on 2 weeks for when the bin is emptied next.

Our Services & Pricing

Domestic Bin

Exceptional deep cleaning for all domestic bins

One-Off Clean


Domestic Bin

Exceptional deep cleaning for all domestic bins

Weekly/Monthly Cleans


Commercial Bin

We can clean commercial bins

For a price, please using our booking form

Driveway & Pavement

Driveway & Pavement Cleaning

For a price, please use our booking form


Fantastic bin cleaning service. The booking process was simple, filled out the online from and my bins were cleaned on the next available date.
Joan Sommerscale
Our bins were in a bad way as the weather started to pick up, the smell was awful. BinFresh certainly did the job for me, my bins are sparkling!
Liz Bentley
We have been looking for a decent bin cleaning company to use for a while. Our neighbours recommended BinFresh, couldn’t be more happy with the service they provide.
James Aldridge

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